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Conditions exchange eurostar

You must comply with the Check-in Time Limit indicated by us (the Check-in Time Limit).
Our liabilities.1 Accompanied Luggage: You are responsible for supervising luggage and escort girl deplacement articles which you carry as accompanied luggage and any animals which accompany you. .
If your ticket is defaced or damaged If a ticket has become spoiled, or tampered with, or altered in any way, or if you have been issued with an electronic ticket and the barcode on the electronic ticket is not readable, then the ticket.
If a ticket is withdrawn or invalidated by our staff or agents you will be refused permission to travel and/or continue your journey and no refunds will be issued for any used portion of your ticket.If the PRR does apply to the delayed service and you wish to claim under your PRR entitlement (and not under any enhanced entitlement under the other carriers conditions you may present your claim to us or to the other carrier; and.4.4 you may.Breaking a journey at intermediate stations.1 Stop-overs en route, other than those necessary for transfers, are not permitted. .For more details on what you can carry when you travel on Eurostar trains, additional levies payable and our registered luggage service please check our website:."Eurotunnel" means the partnership between the Channel Tunnel Group Limited and France-Manche.A.3.7 We reserve the right not to sell certain types of ticket, or tickets to particular destinations, and to restrict the availability of certain fares. .Interpretation The use of the words "we "our" and "us" in these Conditions of Carriage, refers in each case to Eurostar International Limited, and the use of "you" and "your" refers in each case to any passenger or passengers travelling on our trains. .In the banning notice will specify a reasonable period for which the ban will apply and will ask you not to buy a ticket or ask or allow anyone to do so for you within that period. An electronic version of the PRR can be accessed via the following external website: these conditions and the documents incorporated by annexure or reference are Eurostar International Limiteds Conditions of Carriage, and apply to your use of Eurostar train services. .If you arrive after the Check-in Time Limit, we reserve the right not to allow you to check-in and board your train."Dangerous Goods" means any product, substance, material, article or item, capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or the environment and which is classified under the ADR Regulations or any other Regulation in force by either Eurotunnel or Competent Authorities and/or specific.Security AND safety.In addition, you must be present at the boarding gate and board your Eurostar train at the latest by the boarding time as instructed by Eurostar, otherwise you might not be allowed to board your train.31.3 This paragraph 31 does not apply to Third Party Through Tickets (as defined in paragraph.5). .For the registration and collect of weapons as listed in Annex 1 to these Conditions, make sure that you can present all required certificate and license.Please check tickets and change at the time of issue At the time you purchase a ticket, you should ensure that it is for the journey you wanted and that, if applicable, you have received the correct change. .You can take the train or any other transport method to reach a train station found the city center.Generally speaking, licensed firearms are limited to shotguns and rifles for hunting and sporting purposes.8.2 Tickets for Eurostar train services do not include the cost of travel between different stations in any one city.Accompanied Bicycles If you fold your bike or dismantle it to remove the saddle, handlebars and wheels, you can carry it on board in a bike bag as part of your luggage allowance, provided the overall size is no more than 85cm in length.This information will be stored in a central database, controlled by our administrative staff and will be accessible electronically. .