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It measures.25 inches in diameter.Victorian Ships Brass Bell From The Wild Flower, Famed Rescue Vessel LT557, The Wild Flower was a fishing smack out of Lowestoft and on the 30th January 1895 was involved in a famous rescue involving the German passenger ship the SS elbe.Vintage NHS Norfolk Area Ambulance Service Badge Dating I should think from the 1970's or 80's this now no longer in service badge quartier prostituée geneve was used by the Norfolk NHS area health authority ambulance service.Once again no research has been done on this man and his service in the Korean War, so an interesting project awaits.Every one of the printed designs had a name, and with a little research, the official name of this print could be found.A lovely quality white metal badge which apart from very slight wear to the high points, it comes in excellent original condition.It was the final of three wars fought in the 19th century between the Burmese and the British.And the number 37 above.The certificates are a little scruffy now, but both are still clear and readable Rare WW1 Brass Canadian Winnipeg Rifles Cap Badge This super original brass cap badge is for the Canadian Winnipeg rifles, known as the little black devils, the motto on the badge.Without doubt Callighan, now promoted to lance Corporal would have been present at one of the hospitals at this time, delivering wounded and soldiers which had contracted the disease, unfortunately he succumbed to the flu himself and despite the best efforts of the nursing staff.A rare and beautiful sword regimentally marked for a territorial artillery brigade.Intelligence suggested that the Japanese had plans to capture Madagascar as a means of disrupting Allied shipping and communications with the Far East.WW2 Burma Star, original WW2 issue that comes in excellent condition and nicely toned.One its class was involved in the Ilford rail crash of 1915; On, locomotive.This cracking original badge comes in perfect condition.Arthur found him-self in an area of heavy fighting around the Belgian city of Ypres and during the autumn of 1917 heavy fighting took place amongst them being the infamous Battle of Passchendaele.Princess Mary's Own 10th Gurkha Rifles A solid white metal badge showing the Kukri and horn of the 10th Gurkha rifles.Black Wound Badge with its original certificate to; Junior Corporal Wolfgang Lubosch of the 2nd Company 195 Infantry Regiment.The 25th Siege battery arrived in France in the august of 1915, at this stage it is unclear if Robert was serving with them or he join or was drafted in the recruiting drive of 1916, and the latter is the more probable.It comes in very good condition, there a few dings here and there, it still has its elasticated ciggie holders inside but these are very baggy.
Despite the looming disaster many relatively small events in the context of the size of the battle would make a difference later, as pockets of British and Commonwealth troops delayed the advancing prostituée rochefort du gard masses just long enough to allow those to their rear to rush into.
The 1st Cavalry Brigade had been entrusted with the duty of covering the retreat on the left of the 4th Division.

WW1 French Postcard Germans in Retreat Battle of Marne One from a series issued by France showing the Germans taking a beating, this one has soldiers retreating following the battle of Marne, being thwarted by the French 75 Cannon.