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Escort security & personnel services

escort security & personnel services

When desiring an escort, either come by the station, or call.
Our experienced and highly professional personnel undergoes regular refresher courses on security at events and personal protection.Such system provides for the acquisition, processing and storage of both the personal and quantitative data on the actual number of persons and vehicles that prostitution oyonnax crossed the border.The soft hardware makes for the continuous round-the-clock running of the complex.The workstations of the passport examination operators are equipped with the readout devices, and they automate the readout of the data in the machine-readable lines of the passports issued in Russia and abroad, that are presented by the persons who cross the border, and readout the photos from the presented documents.The Yashma system, which has been purposefully developed and integrated into the PAK mspv (Kaskad) complex, enables the on-line graphic presentation of the data needed by the check-point operators and makes it possible to expertise the documents using the specialized hardware and special-purpose reference databases.The Station reserves the right to dispose of items not claimed within 30 days.Lost and Found can be reached.Ensuring your comfort and security.Our trained personnel guarantees maximum accuracy and confidentiality as well as highly attractive image.Services, escort services, to ensure the safety of our staff, students and visitors, we offer security escorts to vehicles.The Sheriffs Station will attempt to locate and notify the owner, if the items turned in have identification.Requests will be completed as quickly as possible based on priority, available personnel and completion of emergency calls.Pierce College Sheriffs Station.