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Exchange mail protocol

exchange mail protocol

4 All the messages have to be downloaded.
Mapi over http (mapi/http).
POP POP stands for Post Office Protocol.
It is echange train ouigo generally used to support a single client.There exist five versions of imap as echanger mon billet de train follows: Original imap imap2 imap3 imap2bis imap4 Key Points: imap allows the client program to manipulate the e-mail message on the server without downloading them on the local computer.8 rename It is used to change the name of a mailbox.5, sIZE, this command let the server know the size of attached message in bytes.Smtp is text based protocol.9 expn It is same as vrfy, except it will list all the users name when it used with a distribution list.6 create It is used to create mailbox with a specified name.3 list It is used to get the summary of messages where each message summary is shown.These smtp commands specify the senders and receivers e-mail address, along with the message to be send.Multiple mailboxes can be created on the server.POP imap 1 Generally used to support single client.