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How to tell a girl to call you later

Yo lo interrogué, pero él se negó a revelar.
La partita è stata sospesa a causa della pioggia.
It is her intention to secure EU protection for the Lincolnshire sausage.She told a House of Commons debate that she had been 'briefed' on parts of the treaty, but admitted: 'I have read some of it but not all.'.Si una mujer te pregunta si adivinas su edad, nunca le digas la verdad!I can't tell that one from this one.Calling card, UK: visiting card dated (personal card left prostitution montpellier gare after visit) biglietto da visita nm Lady Sylvia was not at her house when Mary went to visit, so Mary left her calling card.Puedes decirme quién es?Show and tell (school: class speaking exercise) lección oral nf adj Johnny, what did you bring for show-and-tell?Asked the question in another recent interview, the response was the same.What a charming little clique they make.Call sth (poker: equal a bet) ( poker ) vedere vtr I'll call your ten and raise plan cul en savoie you ten.Call sb (attract) chiamare vtr The sea was calling him.Call to sb vi prep (yell to get sb's attention) ( sollecitare ) richiamare vtr ( per sollecitare ) urlare a vi call sb to sth (summon to religious vocation) chiamare vtr God called him to the priesthood.Tell sb, tell sb sth (inform, convey) decir a vtr prep contar a, tell me what he said.Le hanno chiesto di trovare una soluzione ai site village libertin loro problemi.Enlarge, glamour in politics: Caroline Flint, Minister for Europe, dons a Karen Millen dress to tell the Observer why looks don't count in Parliament.Ha pronunciato i nomi sulla lista e noi li abbiamo scritti.Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself.
Call sb sth (label) chiamare qlcn qlcs vtr dare a qlcn del qlcs vtr How dare you call me a cheat!