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Some things do not change.
Think about itthink about.Beetle girl is one of those, as is the man you see tip toeing to the news stands full of adds for naked women with a drink in each hand the kind you get for free while gambling at any casino in town (incidentally.You smile a small smile at the small brightest that lights up the dar world you live in because this club echangiste hippocampe is the City of Sin and these things happen.Every country has a version of this controlled decadencem _ The World Cup, The International Rugby and Criket Championsips and.There are a few player who genuinely profit from the City of Sin but for most of us it is just a big game of pretend because in this city you can get away with it for awhile.By comparison the City of Sin today is a crowded, expensive brightly colored mess.There is visual noise as well.Jogger report: Joggers are slowly giving way to power walkers and backpackers.Today: Groups of Segways raced past one of a half dozen remaining Rat Pack casinos.They are the lucky ones.Then: I was younger overawed by the City of Sin and the sights you would never see in Port Neches and likely never will.Usually not but sometimes.The concept means more than clothing and hairstyle.People wrecked wheelchairs into ceramic walls, and peed on floors in the seriously three feet from the urinal.
Have you ever ran into someone who didnt actually know why they had done something they were just following some inner voice that told them to say travel hundreds of miles and hang out in the desert for week.