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FB.31 Encyclopaedias ( lei-shu ).34 Modern general reference works, including almanacs, year books, etc.
Nearby Navigation Aids Runway 18/36 Dimensions: 4000 x 75 feet / 1219 x 23 meters Surface: Asphalt in Good Condition Weight Limits: S-12 Edge Lighting: Medium Intensity Runway 18 Runway 36 Coordinates: N385.70' / W887.38' N385.04' / W887.39' Elevation: 387.9 383.3 Gradient:.0.0 Traffic.Click on any classmark to enter the Newton Library Catalogue at that point.Ch'ing (1644-1911.181-197, biography,.200-249, geography and local history,.221-244.FB.100-199, history and biography,.125-128, foreign relations,.131-137.AirspaceAnalysis: NO objection, rencontre salope en isere attendance: ALL/MON-SAT/0700-1700, aLL/SUN/0700-1700, cLSD federal holidays.For special occasions and places (but for those concerning individuals see 181-197).698 jokes, allegories, etc.FB.25 * Special bibliographies, relating to historical periods, geographical areas, prohibited books, lost and rediscovered books, etc.Jump to navigation, cUL, carmi Municipal Airport, official FAA Data Effective 0901Z.FB.140-141, ch'in, Han and Three Kingdoms (255.C.-.D.FB.335 class structure and slavery.336 Overseas Chinese (Hua ch'iao ).337 urban and rural communities; ecology.338 societies and clubs.339 social problems Administration.341 history of political thought (modern works).343 comprehensive surveys of political institutions ( Shih t'ung, Li-tai chih-kuan piao ).Local descriptions and travel, including gazetteers.individual.190 Sung and Yüan (960-1368 collected.191 Sung and Yüan (960-1368 individual.192 Ming (1368-1644 collected.193 Ming (1368-1644 individual.194 Ch'ing (1644-1911 collected.195 Ch'ing (1644-1911 individual.1: collected.1: individual.199 Genealogy, surnames and tabooed names.200-249 geography AND local history.265).140 Standard Histories, commentaries thereon and other traditional style works.141 modern works Chin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui (265-618).143 Standard Histories, etc.FB.37 Learned societies, museums, academies, congresses, etc.; foreign sinology.41-45 General periodicals Collectanea of a general nature.51 Sung to Ming.53 Ch'ing: first period (1644-1795).55 Ch'ing: second period (1796-1850).57 Ch'ing: third period (1851-1911).59 Republic (1912-1949).61 Modern (post 1949).64-65 Collected.FB.162 modern works Ch'ing (1644-1911).164 shih-lu and shih-liao.166 other general works, traditional style.167 general works, modern.168 early Ch'ing (1644-1722).169 middle Ch'ing (1723-1839).170 late Ch'ing (1840-1911 general.171 late Ch'ing (1840-1874).173 late Ch'ing (1875-1911).175 Republic (1912-1949).176 Modern.Magnetic Variation from 2000 is 1 West.Worldwide Books Award for Electronic Resources.
Lighting Schedule: SEE RMK,.R.T.C.C.: indianapolis,.S.S.: saint louis, notams Facility: CUL (notam-D available sectional Chart: ST louis.