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Valentine radar detector vs escort

valentine radar detector vs escort

A final reason to recommend the V1 is, surprisingly, its cost.
Besides Car and Driver, we looked at reviews from cnet and the other smattering of professional detector writeups.
So, we expect to see more updates and new models from those brands.
We weighed our findings with our research to find the detector that we would purchase and use daily.Read The Full Cobra film echange de visage 9445 Radar Detector Review Beltronics Pro 300 Radar Detector Review The Beltronics Pro 300, known as the BEL Pro 300, is one of the finest (and little known) radar detectors available today.For most of us, just understand that these devices pick up on nearby radar, and if its a frequency police use, youd be wise to slow down.It also gives you one year of the Escort Live service for free.) Pull" If you have a regular commute where automatic doors can trip a detector often enough to annoy you, read.The setup also frees up your cigarette lighter so you can charge devices.If it works for them, itll work for you.Read The Full Cobra XRS 9470 Radar Detector Review Cobra iRadar iRad 100 Radar Detector Review In order to avoid receiving a speeding ticket you can purchase a reliable radar detector to help alert you to the presence of police radar guns and laser signals.If youre going past a shopping mall with automatic doors, another arrow will display the direction of the benign K or X band.For what its worth, Radar Roy told me that the Valentine One was often called the chicken little of radar detectors, but as this forum discussion points out, he hasnt formally reviewed the V1 on his site, so were skeptical of that dismissal.Think of it as very rapid sonar.Both the former and current record-holders told us about their personal preferences.Their findings helped inform our pick between the finalists.Do not cheap out!Using military-grade technology and components, the Cobra SPX 7800 BT possesses super-fast sweep circuitry that quickly and accurately identifies radar and laser signals used by law enforcement, and comes with a variety of additional features to make the unit easy to use.I consider them to be subject-matter experts with scads of knowledge to share, but in the interest of disclosure to our audience, both their sites also sell radar detectors.Its based on the Passport Max2, but it includes dual front and rear antennas and a directional arrow display thats similar to the Valentine One.Escorts DSP and HD Radar Performance technology make it one of the industrys most accurate and responsive devices.
As with all Cobra models, the SSR 80 features a sleek and stylish design that is more compact than the average competing model.
It is produced by a company that is a subsidiary of Escort, which itself manufactures a variety of radar detectors for consumers.

We asked Ed Bolian about them.
Using a personal profile within the app, you can darken the display of the V1 for night driving, or tweak the bandwidths that trigger the detector if youre using it outside the United States.