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Vision libertine the hangman's triad

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is a neofolk and martial industrial group from Stockholm, Sweden.
At the end of rencontre adulte strasbourg the day Vision: Libertine The Hangmans Triad became a double.
The band got the help of Sal-Ocin of Empusae, which you hear.
After a prolonged hiatus, Swedish cult-band Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio returns with the new double album project 'Vision: Libertine The Hangman's Triad an ambitious and effective marriage of the future and the past.Be sure of that.Initially, Vision: Libertine-The Hangmans Triad was designed as an EP, but because the ideas kept coming, Tomas had enough material to fill two albums.Nice words, but how does it sound?The previous CD Songs 4 Hate And Devotion was the most accessible album and undoubtedly the finest.Fifty shades of leather, lace and the infinite black.The band describes the sound on the CD as porn pop, glorifying nihilism with sex as the ultimate religion.Vision: Libertine The Hangmans Triads is a new chapter in the 23-year career of the Swedish cult band, in which the recent sound is mixed with the old sound, or in another words: traditional neo-folk mixed with apocalyptic pop.The music remains very beautiful and very accessible (although we wouldnt recommend it for a romantic night out, on the other hand you never know but all compositions are very dark and dominated by the tribal sounds that were typical of the old Ordo Rosarius.Sometimes, an extraordinary artistic vision requires a slow start.Vision: Libertine The Hangmans Triad is indeed a far cry from the previous album, and maybe it is the darkest production ever released on Out Of Line.Join the tribe, dive deep into the tribal-tribadistic world of the Hangman's Triad and participate in the never ending quest for the ultimate aural orgasm.This is tribadistic Porno Pop.Archon Satani, as founding member Tomas Pettersson perceived the desire to canalize his remaining creativity through the aesthetic portrayal of the undivided spiritual and intellectual kinship between Light and Dark, Life and Death, Male and Female, Love and Hate, Beauty and Depravity, War and Peace.Thus the genesis of Equilibrium and read more.Aided by Empusae's Sal-Ocin on percussion and other acoustic instruments, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio have put together a captivating musical universe of ritual, lust and somber fascination.According to Tomas Pettersson, it is not a healthy attitude when to have too many expectations in life, simply because they usually end in sheer disappointment.
A celebration of nihilism and sex as the ultimate religion.